Perforated Plate for Protection and Filtration

We have manufactured the perforated plate for more than 20 years, and we are in continuous developing. Why we can success and gain the trust of customers? That is the high quality raw material, skilled technology and advance machines. Also, we have perfect service and short delivery time. All these elements makes the products we export are the best quality. You can get an comprehensive knowledge of our products and our company.

What types of products can we supply?

A piece of checker plate, a piece of perforated louvers, five perforated tubes and two perforated sieves.

We can supply all kinds of perforated plate and special products can be customized.

Perforated Plate. Perforated plate can be made of stainless steel sheet, aluminum steel sheet and brass plate sheet. All of the materials have a beautiful surface and good corrosive resistance, it can be designed to different hole types, such as the round, square, slotted and other decorative hole patterns. So the perforated plate is widely used in many architectures and buildings for decoration.

Perforated Screen. Perforated screen is well-suited for providing safety, privacy, or security while adding aesthetic appeal to a building. Also, the perforated screen is widely seen in the public furniture, such as the tables, seats, deck chairs and dustbins.

Perforated tubes. Perforated tubes have different hole types and connection types. The hole types can be round, square, rectangular and slotted. The connection types are lock seam and welded. The main usage of the perforated tubes are filtration. They can filter the water, oil, sand and other material.

Perforated Louvers. Perforated louvers have good performance in ventilation, sunshade and noise reduction. So they are widely used in the air conditioner vents, doors, windows. They can be installed on the outdoor or buildings as sunshade screen mesh. Also perforated louvers are used in the highway, railway and residences for absorbing and reducing the noise.

Perforated Sieves are mainly made of stainless steel plate and brass steel plate. Because they have better Acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Perforated sieves have three types: perforated grain sieves, mid-point test sieves and extra depth sieves. It is mainly used for separating and sizing the lighter and thin material.

Checker Plate. Checker plate is a metal sheet with the regular raised surface on one side and the other flat. The raised surface has many different patterns, such as diamond, lentils and willow leaves. The raised surface have good anti-slip resistance. It is usually installed on the stairs, working platforms and walking street to protect peoples from sliding.

What Benefits of our products?

Various application. Perforated plate can be used as protective screen, decoration screen, filtering screen, noise barrier, anti-slip screen and other useful application.

Abrasion and corrosion resistance. The galvanized steel, brass steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel have good resistance to the abrasion and corrosion.

Lightweight and easy to install. Punched process can reduce the weight of the plate, so the perforated plate has a lightweight body and easy to be installed on needed places.

Long service life and durable. All of the raw materials are high quality, also, we have the skilled technology and advanced machines, so the perforated plate is solid enough for long service life and durability.

Large stocks. We have large number of the stocks of the standard specifications, so we can satisfy your urgent order.

Customized. All of the products have standard specifications, also we can customized as your requirements.

Where our products can be used?

Perforated louvers noise barrier, perforated screen gate, perforated plate decoration and checker plate stairs.

Perforated plate has various applications.

Protective screens. The perforated screen can supply the security and defence for the residences, commercial zones and any other places where need the security screens.

Filter screens. The perforated tubes have various hole types and hole size, so they can filter the sand, oil, water and any other materials.

Sieves. Perforated sieves is mainly have little hole size, so it is used for separating and sizing the grains, test soils and other lighter materials

Noise barrier. Perforated louvers have excellent noise absorbing and reduction performance. So it can be installed on the side of highway, railway, factory, schools and residences to absorb and reduce the noise and keep a relatively quite environments.

Anti-slip floors. Checker plate has good anti-slip resistance, so it can be used in the stairs, walk street, working platform and other places.

Street furniture. Perforated plate have beautiful surface and good resistance to the weather, so it is widely seen in the street furnitures, such as the seats, desks, dustbins and other furniture.

Decoration. Due to the beautiful surface, the perforated plate is used in the architecture, building and internal and external designs.

Hot Products
  • Perforated Plate is made of different metal sheets or coils. It is widely used in architecture, agriculture and mining industry.

  • Perforated screen or perforated metal screen is made of metal sheet or coils. It is widely used in architectural, mining and furniture industry.

  • Perforated tube, which is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or alloy perforated plate is widely used to make filter tube.

  • Perforated louvers are made of perforated plates. They are widely used for air ventilation, heat insulation and sound insulation.